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Meet NovaEdgeThe 24/7 PersonalEngineering Assistant.

NovaEdge loops you in with real-time collaborative AI.

Stop wasting hours on manual design tasks!

We empower engineers with real-time collaboration to rapidly develop schematics, simulate circuits, and deliver innovative products faster.

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Our intelligent BOM generator allows you to chat with an AI assistant that understands component technical cutsheets to efficiently build your Bill of Materials.
Rather than combing through thousands of components, get personalized recommendations based on the parameters you need. The AI handles populating the BOM details in Excel so you can focus on design.
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Automatically generate submittal packages directly from your BOMs
Simply upload your Bill of Materials in Excel format. Our intelligent system will instantly fetch the relevant cutsheets from our vast database of manufacturer documentation.
Avoiding hours of manual searching, attaching, formatting and validating.
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Accelerate quality control workflows with our intelligent QC simulator
Simply upload your electrical drawings in PDF or CAD formats. Our advanced AI system will automatically scan the drawings, identify deviations from codes and best practices, and generate a detailed QC report.
Our QC simulator reduces rework, enhances safety, and ensures designs meet compliance standards the first time.
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The drawing generator automatically converts requirements documents into full electrical drawings. Simply upload PDFs of your requirements - our advanced NLP will extract the key parameters.
Within minutes, receive complete, accurate drawings meeting specifications, avoiding days of manual drafting effort.
About Us
NovaEdge Technology was founded with the mission of transforming engineering workflows through AI-driven automation. Headquartered in Denver and led by experienced industry veterans, NovaEdge aims to disrupt outdated and inefficient engineering practices by leveraging leading-edge artificial intelligence.The NovaEdge team consists of talented professionals from diverse backgrounds united by a shared vision. With decades of combined experience spanning engineering, computer science, design, and business, the team brings a multidisciplinary perspective to tackling complex challenges.
mission iconMission
To transform engineering through artificial intelligence, reshaping workflows to be more efficient, collaborative, and innovative.We aim to disrupt legacy processes by leveraging leading-edge AI to solve core pain points for engineers across disciplines.
vision iconVision
A future where engineers worldwide can design and develop products faster, safer, and more sustainably through the power of AI.Our technology will empower engineers to focus on creativity and impactful work rather than repetitive tasks.
values iconValues
Innovation & Courage - We continuously push boundaries through pioneering AI applications and bold thinking.Unity & Trust - Our team embraces diversity and collaborates transparently with partners to build strong relationships.Inspiration - We are motivated by the potential of AI to shape the exciting future of engineering.

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